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When we think of the spiritual discipline of fasting generally the first thing that comes to mind is going without a meal. However, the Bible is filled with many great examples of how we can give expression to this spiritual discipline. Let’s consider what it means to fast. The Full Life Study Bible defines a […]

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Should the Pastor Be Involved In The Finances of the Church

The subject of church finances and the pastor’s involvement has long been a topic of discussion and controversy. Opinions and practices vary as to whether the spiritual leader of the congregation should be allowed unrestricted oversight, be completely uninvolved, or work with a board/advisory committee in the monetary business of the church. In rare cases […]

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Ways To Make Sure Your Staff Succeed

I have spoken to many pastors throughout the years that have the attitude that their staff exists solely to make them successful. Having been part of a large pastoral staff for many years, I would have to agree that my role was to make my Senior Pastor as successful as possible in leading the church […]

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When Is It Time To Build?

Building programs in local churches can be a great blessing or a great hurdle and even a deterrent to God’svision for a congregation, if the timing is not right. Buildings are just tools to help us accomplish the work of God’s Kingdom. Sometimes we can get sidetracked into thinking we have accomplished much for God […]

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Keeping Kids Safe in an Unsafe World

    Keeping Kids Safe in an Unsafe World  Our world becomes increasingly unsafe each day. From wars on the other side of the planet to bullying on the playground of our neighborhood school, children’s safety is one of the churches primary concerns.  Let’s focus on 3 tools we can use to keep kids safe […]

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Talent vs. Passion by Phil McGechie

Talent vs. Passion (How to have a worship team that actually leads in worship) Phil McGechie Worship & Outreach Pastor 1st Assembly of God, Lubbock, TX For many years, music has long been a source of what I’ll call a “discussion” in the church. Some churches sing hymns. Some churches sing choruses. Some churches sing […]

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